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A Change in Direction

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NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTION S2015 New Year’s means new beginnings with it comes the promises and good intentions. We make these “resolutions” promises to ourselves for growth and well being with excitement and anticipation of the future growth and hope if not all but most of this well meaning sticks. Sometimes our resolutions are too grand and become overwhelming too much too soon. In the end we fall on our swords figuratively of course but not from a lack of trying. Such was the case for me after I hit the inevitable “book burn out” I struggled, and I questioned if I should continue this blog. Things had gotten too monotonous. At the same time my life in the real world was experiencing changes of its own a new job which left little to no time for reading, and my health took a nose dive. 

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Blogging started to feel like a job in itself and wasn’t fun anymore. To make matters worse the  YA titles being churned out started to sound the same. Different title substitute some details, add a girl and boy in love, on a quest of some sort or some variation of shake, stir, and serve. I just described most of last year’s book titles. Let’s not talk about series that lingered far too long that the story had begun to lost its magic, at least for me . Put all of these circumstances together and it was inevitable I would eventually lose “The feels” if you’re a book person you know what I mean the sheer anticipation. 

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That’s what made me start Sony The Book Lover blog, because I loved reading Young Adult. And sharing my opinion with other like minded peers. So after some soul searching and reflection I realized I needed to grow my blog. What does that mean? It means in the simplest terms I needed to expand beyond YA. At this moment in my life I’m in this mode where I want to learn new things. So I’ve been reading books on everything from nutrition to photography. I still read fiction but its all over the place. So I’m just going with it after four years of blogging. I think its time to stretch my arms so to speak and try new things, mature and grow Sony The Book Lover. So don’t be surprised by the content you see popping up on this blog. All content will be book related but it will not be restricted to Young Adult. I will still post reviews on YA titles, participate in blog tours when invited, interview authors, giveaways etc . . . Just an altered course the long way around to see more of the view. Its a new day.



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