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A Change in Direction

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     New Year’s means new beginnings with it comes the promises and good intentions. We make these “resolutions” promises to ourselves for growth and well being with excitement and anticipation of the future growth and hope if not all but most of this well meaning sticks. Sometimes our resolutions are too grand and become […]

Wishing Everyone Merry Christmas !!!

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      A bit of last minute shopping today. We had some snow this week which was great  except when the rain made it slush. Yesterday was last day of class officially, yay!!!.   Gifts ideas for the hubby. These videos would make great gifts since he is a a fan. The eleventh doctor […]


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                I wanted to apologize for the lack of reviews on my blog recently. School kicked my @$$ it took all my brain power comprehending, retaining and memorizing. Reading anything other than text books I didn’t have time . So I want to formally apologize for my absence. […]

Banned Book Week Is Here!!

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          Banned Book Week is a celebration of Literature where we show our support of protest against censorship.  That promotes and encourages freedom of literary works in bookstores, libraries, and schools. This post may be a bit ranty since I’m focusing it on schools. It never ceases to amaze the power […]

Announcements ➻ Book Tweets Epic Reads Double Dose

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Epic Reads Tea Time is on tomorrow 3:45 & 7:00 featuring live chat with authors. Book Shimmy When: 3:45pm EST on Wednesday, August 28th     Video streaming by Ustream Where: Ustream!  Author’s Live Chat ☟ When: 7pm EST on Wednesday, August 28th Where: Spreecast!    All the info on this week’s double header #TeaTime:     TEA […]

BEA Week and Apologies


                Hi my bookies I will be taking a small break from reviews this week. And I know I haven’t posted a review in a while. Been super busy with work, other commitments and now Book Expo America. But I will be back on track soon. I’ll be […]

Introducing Historical Romance


Introducing a new face to Sony The Book Lover, Sandy Smith. Sandy is fond of romance novels particularly the historical kind. She reads often and wanted a home to share her opinions. Lucky me since she doesn’t have time to dedicate to another blog, she has kindly agreed to share her reviews here at Sony The Book Lover blog. […]

City of Bones Movie Cast Confirmed


                  Shadow hunters fans be prepared bursting into theaters summer 2013 will be The City Of Bones. Adapted from the book of the same title by Cassandra Clare.   Clary Fray, Jace Wayland, Simon Lewis, Magnus Bane, Jocelyn Fray, Valentine Morgenstern Alec Lightwood, Isobel Lightwood Alaric, Emil Pangborn, Samuel […]


[singlepic id=106 w=320 h=240 float=left]You may have noticed that the blog maybe a bit meme-ish lately  I’m sorry guys but I didn’t want to have back dated posts with no recent posts up, hence the memes. Finding time to read let alone focus on reading was an issue. Because we were racing against the clock […]

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