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Fifty Shades of Hype

[singlepic id=388 w=620 h=540 float=center] Every season there is a book that is so overhyped to the nines that everyone is reading it. As a person who reads and reviews books I didn’t want to read the series out of obligation. That’s not why I read, I do it for fun.  I’ll admit I was […]

Box Office Surprise Stuns Hunger Games

[singlepic id=332 w=420 h=340 float=center]   Directed by Tim Story, “Think Like A Man” has been tracking very well despite little mainstream press acknowledgement. Still no one saw this coming everyone  had high expectations for Hunger Games though the movie was not a fail ruling the last four consecutive Friday box office battles. Has finally […]

Is Hermione Granger Walking On The Wild Side

[singlepic id=323 w=520 h=440 float=left] No the actress Emma Watson’s days of playing Hermione Granger are well behind her as she debuts a sexy new look for her new film “The Bling Ring.” The British actress — best known for her role as a spell-casting schoolgirl in the “Harry Potter” franchise — Emma undergone a complete […]

Hunger Games Mania and Expectations

    With the release of the highly anticipated book to movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games”-though buzz has been great the movies producers are hoping for box office magic. The likes of which surpasses its predecessor another famous book movie franchise yes if you guessed “Twilight”  you would be correct. Hence the reason for […]

Google Friend Connect The End

[singlepic id=233 w=420 h=340 float=left] Recently I learned that GFC will be discontinued as of March 2012 . Google has announced the end of seven of their products: Google Friend Connect, Google Bookmarks Lists, Google Wave, Google Gears, Google Search Timeline, Knol and Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal. The silver lining in all this “Blogger” (Google […]

The Hunger Games Official Trailer

  Now forgive me fans of The Hunger Games trilogy what I’m about to say may sound like blasphemy but here  goes. For some reason or the other I just wasn’t into the series-hear me out. There was so much hype surrounding which can be a double-edged sword because sometimes its well deserved and others […]

NaMoWriMo Begins

[singlepic id=186 w=420 h=340 float=center]   National Novel Writing Month is here all month-long from November 1-30 a little history if you are interested.  If you’ve never heard of Nanowrimo, it’s a  contest to promote writing. The participants are given 30 days to write a book, easy right. Anyone who’s ever written  anything knows this […]

Can you believe it? Borders Preparing To Liquidate

Yesterday while surfing the internet’s super highway I discovered Borders is closing its doors for good, another big store chain bites the dust. Barnes and Noble is left king of all book geeks like myself.  Truthfully I’m not surprised at all I did an article when Borders first started closing stores in an attempt to stop […]

BEA week coming soon!


One more week my bookies and the annual book blogging convention will be here. As one of the major interest events that’s taking part of  Book Expo America (BEA). At the Jacob Javits Convention Center here in New York. Every notable and indie bookseller, publishing house, publicists, writer you name it as long as there in the […]

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