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Blogger 2014 New Year’s Resolutions










Every year I make this ambitious list of things I want to accomplish. Changes I want to implement , but fall short. I try, but life and responsibilities can get in the way. I know it sounds like an excuse.  And I’m woman enough to admit it is just that for the most part-new is scary, there I said it. Starting anything new always fills one with both positive and negative emotions.

In the past I have tried to introduce many new features to keep the blog interesting and not just a book review machine churning out reviews one after the other. I’ll introduce a new feature or try a different format to engage readers. The first sign things aren’t going well lukewarm feedback or worse no response I gave up.

The first a stumble i was ready to throw the towel in.  Giving in to the negativity furthering my  descent as I crashed and burned, a failure. Signaling the end of said endeavor. Meanwhile feeling like I was under performing next to “old heads” who were churning out quality  content and devouring more books in one week I’d read in a month. Reading felt more like competing. Problem was all this it took all the fun out of reading because I was reading to keep up with the Jones.  The reality I was really just co-existing.

Co-existing with seasoned “old heads” established bloggers with a following. Was like David and Goliath. Even though in the bible David won, real life David gets creamed. Burned out and stuck in the reading slump merry go round. That is not fun.

But this year I want things to be different so, I gonna make that list of resolutions I do every year. With one major difference, and this change is most important. Confidence. I will try not to become discouraged.  Not let feedback influence my actions and become complacent.

Anything worth having even something as simple as open dialogue, community, and exchange of ideas. Requires consistency and hard work. In time I hope it won’t feel like work. Some how along the way reading became a chore and stopped being something I did to relax.

I want it to be . . . fun again. So I may try reading books that aren’t my regular choice. I want to jump start that joy again that caused me to start this blog and make videos. So I’m gonna make my list below. I may crash and burn or I just might surprise myself but the difference this year is I won’t give up as easily as I have in the past. So here goes..




Positives – Ways to Success

  1. Positive attitude.
  2. Rediscovery the joy of reading and not let the reading flame dim within again
  3. Interacting more with my community (forum,blogs, expos, signings, authors, etc)
  4. Introduce more fun projects and articles.
  5. Grow my following, with both blog and YouTube
  6. Collaborations with possibly other blogger, authors,.
  7. More blog tours, give aways, author interviews.






Cons – Roads to my Downfall

  1. Reading Slumps- reading becomes a chore than pleasure
  2. Giving up on projects (e.g Black history month Reads)
  3. Pressure to post more often and with quality content to keep readers interested
  4. Reading enough books for the week
  5. TBR – neeed I say more the mountain to crush me.
  6. Balancing time between work and school
  7. Not completing the goals I’ve set for myself.




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