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Defying The Odds Review

defying the odds

Defying the Odds starts out slow and sweet two strangers meet and a connection is felt. Leaving Clay smitten and Melody intrigued  but not for the same reasons at first she’s drawn to him because his gruff exterior reminds her of her father, but it becomes more. I like the progression of their romance tentative […]

Good Bones Review

[singlepic id=449 w=520 h=440 float=left] Title: Good Bones by Kim Fielding Published: April 20, 2012 Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance Rating: 3.5 / 5 Recommendations: 18+ strong sexual content, mild violence, cursing Format: Paperback/ eBook Source: Netgalley Pages: 200 Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Website: Dreamspinner Press Skinny, quiet hipster Dylan Warner […]

Better Review

[singlepic id=436 w=520 h=440 float=left] Title: Better by Jaime Samms Published: January 27, 2012 Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: M M Romance Rating: 3.5 / 5 Recommendation: 18 + adult situations/ saucy language/ abuse Format: eBook / paperback Source: Netgalley Pages: 240 Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble After filing charges that put his abusive ex-Dom […]

Water Waltz Review

[singlepic id=373 w=420 h=340 float=left] Title: Water Waltz by  Hayley B. James Published: February 13 , 2012 Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: 3 .5 / 5 Recommendations: Ages 21 + Adults only Format: Paperback Pages: 290 Buy: Kindle | Paperback   In a land where humans are enslaved as sexual toys, angels and […]

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