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Fifty Shades of Hype

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Every season there is a book that is so overhyped to the nines that everyone is reading it. As a person who reads and reviews books I didn’t want to read the series out of obligation. That’s not why I read, I do it for fun.  I’ll admit I was intrigued by Fifty Shades but the hype scared me because we all know that overexposure can be a double edge sword. After reading the synopsis and a few reviews I decided to pass on this series because of the female lead. Don’t get me wrong, I love discovering new genres and reading books out of my reading comfort zone, but this was just ridiculous. All this buzz  is the best advertisement  for the author that money can’t buy. Even Selena Gomez spoofed it in a video.  But sadly, the appeal of the series is lost on me.  The video was so funny that I had to share hope you enjoy. Video after the jump…


Behind the scenes click here.



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