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Review ➣ Broken by Elizabeth Pulford


Broken was an experiment in fiction that was done right the. The Frankenstein addition of graphic illustrations within a novel. Gave Broken a graphic novel feel, it’s what made me curious about Broken in the first place. The concept was appealing and though the subject matter had been tackled before. The way in which it […]

Review ➣ Shadow of the Mark


Shadow of the Mark the follow up to Carrier of the Mark. SOTM is a better ride than the first book, in my opinion. Though I must admit I was expecting a lot and after the first few slow chapters. I was beginning to get disappointed. Nothing was happening and my interest waned. But simmer […]

Defying The Odds Review

defying the odds

Defying the Odds starts out slow and sweet two strangers meet and a connection is felt. Leaving Clay smitten and Melody intrigued  but not for the same reasons at first she’s drawn to him because his gruff exterior reminds her of her father, but it becomes more. I like the progression of their romance tentative […]

Triton Review


Normally my mythical go to creatures are not mermaids because I felt there wasn’t much story there. However after reading Of Triton by Anna Banks I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the story. Books about mermaids aside from the star-crossed lovers angle, what eles was there? Yes there is that element in Of Triton […]

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