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The Host Movie teaser


 Stephanie Meyer writer of The Host series has finally gotten the movie of the same title made. The Host is the first book in this series, and her second book series that’s been made into a movie. We all know the success of the Twilight franchise. Fans of this particular book however wait with apprehension and anticipation for the movie version. Silently fearing The Twilight debacle how many things will the producers leave out or get wrong. The Host is going to be a sci-fi invasion flick only subtler than the norm because at the start humanity has already lost. Before the humans have a chance to raise up and rebel mankind is quickly subjugated before the fight’s began. The invasion is is a complete success.

The aliens are a parasitic species that invades the human body taking over the mind of its host. They look like us because they are us essentially, they’re better at being humans than we ever were. The world is at peace for the first time since creation but its an anxious peace silent as the eye of a storm. How do you fight something that’s in your head…in your body, is this the end for the human race. Evolution is funny thing its an ongoing process that is charged by the most basic instinct…the desire to live. That instinct can be far more powerful than the invaders ever imagined as the epidemic of host rejections become a more frequent occurrence. A storm is on the horizon as the human race begins to slowly fight back  hosts are beginning to become conscious this is the story of one such host, Melanie Stryder.

 Melanie / Wanda will be played  by  Saoirse Ronan  of Hana fame , Wanderer the ancient alien who invades Melanie body and finds that  the stubborn previous occupant is still present. Melanie tempts Wanderer with memories of her life and love fascinated Wanda finds herself falling in love with Melanie’s boyfriend. Its this love and curiosity that eventually convinces Wanderer to help Melaine. Wanderer and Melanie become reluctant allies in the weirdest love triangle in written literature  two minds within one body journey into to the unknown to find the man they both love, Jared. An become unwittingly involved in the plan to save the world. The film’s release is slated for next year March 29, 2013 mark your calendars Host fans and enjoy teaser below after the jump.



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